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cabbageGetWidgetChannels - changed value / idx number?

Just wondering if there’s a way to retrieve the index value of a changed widget in cabbageGetWidgetChannels. Right now I have a k-rate loop set up to listen for changes on the array but it’s constantly cycling. It would also be cool to have a trigger and index value for any changed widgets in the array…

I believe I had the exact same question a few days ago :slight_smile:

Btw. cabbageGetWidgetChannels works only at i-rate and retrieves an array of strings.
chngetk works on arrays though…

I’d also like to detect which element of an array changed and not only that but also detect crossing thresholds like in the trigger opcode but on arrays.

And I just noticed this good news: [quote=“rorywalsh, post:54, topic:2388”]
I’ve now added array variants of cabbageGetValue .

and more good news: New cabbageChanged opcode

Super Rory! Thanks!!!

Wow. You read my mind while I was asleep! What’s in this cabbage?

Maybe I even predicted your mind :wink:
Yeah, there really must be something in this Cabbage! :smile:

I think Rory said he would look into it… He might need a reminder…

@mjmogo, you’re late to the party. This is already done. Although I felt returning the channel name was better than returning an index?

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Guess I’ve got to get current and download the latest and greatest!

Awesome. Can’t believe you made this right before I asked for it. Cabbage is a powerful drug man.

It seems like we were all converging towards the point where we knew it would be useful to be able to check which widget was changed!