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Cabbage recipes

This is a place to share Cabbage recipes with members of the community. Posts here can be in the form of complete instruments, code snippets or simple tips and tricks that you've find useful when working with Cabbage.


This category is for announcement about new features, updates, experimental builds, etc.

Cabbage Stew

This forum is for users of the Cabbage. Post on this forum if you are having problems using or running Cabbage. Don't forget to look at the help files for both Cabbage and Csound for answers to your problems in advance of posting.

Csound Noobs

This forum for mostly for those who are relatively new to Csound. Feel free to post here if you have any general questions on using Csound. Most members of the Cabbage forum already have experience using Csound, but we always welcome new users to the community.

Cabbage slugs

Post here if you have found a bug in Cabbage. Please provide the Cabbage version number, your operating system, code for the instrument which is causing the crash, and a list of steps we need to take to recreate the bug, along with any other details which might help us de-slug the problem wink

Csound for Games

This sub forum is for users who wish to ask questions about any aspects of using of Csound in games. You may also ask questions about CsoundUnity, or CsoundFMOD, which now ships with Windows and OSX versions of Cabbage.

Cabbage Farmers

This forum is for anyone with questions regarding Cabbage development in C++, such as how to build, how to add new widgets, features, etc. Only post here if you wish to discuss low level aspects of Cabbage. Use the Cabbage Stew forum for general questions on the use of Cabbage.

Tutorial Requests

This forum is for requesting tutorials. Anyone can request topics for tutorials, and anyone is free to provide tutorials. More than one tutorial can be posted for each request, and tutorials can be posted without the need of a request. All tutorials kinds of tutorials are welcome, no matter how simple they may seem!