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Chnset and xypad

Hi all,

I was trying to update the xypad widget in GUI using chnset as I usually do with sliders.
Is it possible to do something like that? because in this way it seems not working:

   kPosX randomi -1, 1, 0.5
   kPosY randomi -1, 1, 0.5

   chnset kPosX, "x"
   chnset kPosY, "y"

Have a nice Cabbage day!

I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment. If it is something that you would find useful I can see about adding it for future versions. The XYpad, although largely functional, is a little fickle. I’ve been purposely staying away from it for a long time!

It’s not so important… I’m creating some presets for the quadriphonic spatialization and I’d like to have a feedback about the position of the source on the xypad. Maybe in future could be useful if it doesn’t cause a drain on the CPU :wink:

It could be done using a homemade xypad. If I get a moment later I’ll send you on a mock-up.

Maybe this can be of some use.

homegrownXYpad.csd (1.6 KB)


Of course! I was trying to do something similar just yesterday, but I was missing some code. Thanks!

Using this method you could also add as many balls to the xyPad as you like. I started updating it last night so that I could use the right-mouse click to select different balls to move around. But in the end it got late, and I got tired!!

Good idea, It could be interesting to control different sources, but don’t go crazy! :grin:
At the moment I’ve duplicated your homegrownXYpad and it works perfectly to control the space opcode.

If you find it’s using a little too much CPU, change the GUI refresh rate. Alternatively, you could reduce it and have smoother graphics. Have fun. It’s nice to be able to build things like this using simple Cabbage widgets.