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Dropouts in 2.7.13

This is not the fist time I’ve been blindsided by Live. I’m going to try the AU version there now and see if I can recreate the automation issue. I wouldn’t be upgrading my machine just yet. I’ms till on 10.16.3. I’m going to trigger a build now without that recent Live changes. Test it and let me know if you no longer get dropouts.


I’ll need to slowly put myself to bed, so I’ll get back tomorrow!

This is not the case here. I just tested the latest version and everything works as I would expect with the AU version. This is mind boggling. I can’t understand why you are hitting these issues. :thinking:

p.s. That build is triggered and clearly marked so you can find it again tomorrow, even if I push another update in the meantime.

I tried now with the marked build. Dropouts are gone in both vst and au. There is some minimal dropouts when I change presets with vst but not au, but I think this is no problem, there are some differences between au and vst though.

Importantly, sliders are not automatable now, well most of them except some random ones (different for au and vst). For reference I tested also the previously exported plugins with results consistent to what I saw previously. In ref, to the last video you posted, could you try changing slider with the buttons (x2, /2)?

I’ll try it also in Reaper this evening, after I learn how to handle automation there.

Sliders are not working because I reverted the “fix”. This build is broken. I just wanted to see if the dropouts are gone. So we now know, without any doubt, that the automation fix was causing the problem. Back to the drawing board then. I’ll try some other things.

Btw, I tested with the new and old versions and automation in Reaper works just fine. This is clearly an issue with Live.

I’l try that now. I was checking the cabbageSet stuff for automation.

CHNSET_GESTURES are back :rofl, only I’ve renamed them to CSOUND_GESTURES. Check the announcements thread. I’m still looking into the other issues.

You did it again - my favourite wizard! :slight_smile:
No more dropouts. There is still a small difference, where vst has some glitches when changing presets (reading from table) and au doesn’t.
Now I need to get the CSOUND_GESTURES to work in my favour. I am curious though what you did and if automation was indeed causing troubles?

My first fix was to wrap every slider changes with a being and end gesture call. This was overkill, and although it worked fine for me here, I suspected it was causing the dropouts for you. So now I make sure to grab the last value from the slider in the sliderEndDrag() method before calling gesture end. This is not needed for any other DAW, but it’s also not going to cause any problems for them either.

Thanks for the info! I’m not much wiser but it helps to get a feel what you’re doing.