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Export to VST3 fails due to pluginId error

I decided to push the latest WIP features for my synth into the future and test out the first VST3 export. But behold, Cabbage throws me an error saying “the pluginId is empty or contains a typo” even tho the code is:

form caption("Replicant"), size(1300, 722), guiMode("queue"), typeface("PhosphatePro-Inline.otf"), pluginId("rsyn")

Either I’m blind or plain stupid but the pluginId() identifier should be all correct like that. The plugin even loads but I get just a small black rectangle which certainly tells me that the plugin data isn’t being read properly. What’s going on? Also is there some kind of author identifier to change the text that appears in the curved brackets behind the plugin’s name when loading into a DAW?

Thanks for the quick help as usual

Until then!

Edit 1: After playing around a bit I managed to get it loaded seemingly properly. The error still persists tho and it didn’t make any sound and it was missing its background image either. After the latest export, it again loads as a black triangle.

I’m not sure about why Cabbage isn’t loading your plugin properly, but what I do know is that the plugin code has to be four characters and has to start with a capital, e.g. “Xxxx” for AU plugins to be properly recognized on MacOS or some other format. Maybe try that and try removing the commas in between the form statements to see if that helps. Best of luck!

Managed to figure out how to make the plugin work, but the suggestion of starting with an upper case letter doesn’t help unfortunately. The error still persists.

What version of Cabbage are you using?

Thanks for this info. Is there any source where I can read more about the pluginID?

All I can think of is the docs but they aren’t off much help. Could be a buck in the IDE reading the string, Idk.

Cabbage has very little to do with plugin IDs, it merely passes them to the relevant underlying framework. In the case of AUs, I’d suggest looking through its documentation.

@circuitdust is correct about needing an uppercase for AUs. This is something I’ve read on various forums, but I don’t know if I ever read it in any official documentation.

@paragogia you haven’t said what version of Cabbage you are using?

In this case the plugin can’t find the .csd file because it’s not in the correct location. So if you exported the plugin, and then move it to another location it will fail. Cabbage, when exporting, automatically puts the .csd file beside the plugin file.

No, this is a restriction of the GPL version of Cabbage. If you make some plugins, and want to release them under your own company name you can purchase a so-called pro license. There is a stiky post on the forum homepage about this.

Hey, sorry for the late response. Have been rather busy. I currently use version 2.9.137. Ah the GPL license… yeah. Thanks for the heads up on that. At this point I managed to get the plugin work all fine. It still needs some testing but is otherwise ready for publishing. Will take a look at the AU documentation, thanks a lot!

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I got that information while working with JUCE and Projucer. I don’t have any primary sources unfortunately.

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