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Exported FMOD Cabbage plugin does no sound in FMOD Studio

I tried to follow explanation youtube video, how to export cabbage plugin to FMOD studio. Cabbage(64bit) v1.1.07, FMOD studio v1.09.02. I’m on OS X 10.9.5.

I’m sure I do everything in right way, but when I import cabbage fmod plugin to FMOD studio, it does not make a noise (i use the same simlpe noise code).

I don’t know how describe my situation more clear. Hope you’ll help me, I’m very excited by this opportunity to implement Csound code to my Unity project. Thanks!

After reinstalling FMOD and Cabbage about 5-6 times, it unexpectedly works. I don’t know what was that. Sorry (

There’s another problem, this time in Unity. I got this unity console message:

SystemNotInitializedException: FMOD Studio initialization failed : Loading plugin ‘Test4FMOD’ from ‘/Users/Uchuujin/Documents/Unity/Roll a Ball/Assets/Plugins/Test4FMOD.bundle’ : ERR_FILE_NOTFOUND : File not found.

I put my plugin (dylib & csd) in x86_64 folder first, like video tutorial says. But FMOD still wants .bundle folder form me. I cant create that .bundle folder. Anyway, that’s not Rory says in tutorial.

I got it ) It necessary to rename .dylib to .bundle, and put it not to x86_64 folder, but one folder higher, to Assets/Plugins. Sorry for that mess, I hope it will be helpful for somebody.

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Thanks for posting this. I had forgotten about that little piece of info! I mostly work on Windows when it comes to game stuff.