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Manual path bug, req, and very stupid question

Windows10_x64, Cabbage64Setup5.16.exe, NO Csound Installed…

Hi Rory,

you notice that The cabbage manual path is: “C:\Program Files\Cabbage64\Docs\index.html” but the setup engine set the path: “C:\Program Files\Cabbage64\Docs_book\index.html”…

when I select multiple rows it’s possible to add a new voice “add/remove multiple comments”?
it’s possible to add a preset manager?
it’s possible to add midi learn function?

very stupid question:
the Csound opcodes installed with the Cabbage Setup are the opcodes supported with it?

many thanks for all

Thanks, I’ll sort out the path issue. Should be an easy fix. For now you can just copy and paste the contents of C:\Program Files\Cabbage64\Docs\ to a folder call Docs_book in your root Cabbage dir.

If you select multiple lines you can comment them by pressing ctrl+/ or by pressing Edit->Toggle comments. I just noticed however that it will not uncomment multiple lines. I’ll add that to the list.

There is a preset mechanism. Here is an example which I’ll add the the ‘Instructional’ examples.
Presets.csd (1.1 KB)
Note that if you wish to browse for a file to save you can remove the mode(“snapshot”) from the filebutton.

MIDI learn is available in Cabbage Studio. Just drop in a Cabbage instrument and hit Ctrl+m, then move any of the GUI controls following by a hardware controls to link them together. If you need MIDI control in your standalone instruments, you can use one of Csound’s MIDI opcodes such as ctrl7. I’m not that interested in provided MIDI learn in the standalone host and it can only ever host a single instrument. In fact, you could probably write a Csound instrument that would handle MIDI learn for you. Hmm. That would be an interesting exercise!

The opcodes that ship with Cabbage are the ones supported by that build of Cabbage. The 64bit windows version comes with less opcodes than the 32bit version as they are harder to build on a 64bit system.

What happen about bug ? now i get it i can’t save preset Help me

The preset system changed a while back. I will write a converter for you to change your old presets to new ones. Leave it with me.

but i try press another file it can save but my file can’t get it T_T
following this
groupbox bounds(390, 358, 180, 60) text(“Presets”), plant(“preset”){
filebutton bounds(10, 25, 60, 25), text(“Save”), populate(".snaps"), mode(“snapshot”)
combobox bounds(71, 25, 100, 25), populate("

I just tested the Presets example here and it’s working fine? I’m not sure I understand the problem you are having?

u can help check my file csd. ?

I can take a look if you send it?

Synth X5.csd (67.7 KB)

please check my file thank you