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Midi Output?


In the preference of Csound, it is possible to select the midi input for Csound but what about the Midi output ?
I use LoopMidi under win10 and I must admit that Csound documentation is more than foggy about this. I tried the following options with no success.

-n -d -+rtmidi=PortMidi -Q 3 -M 0 -m 0 --midi-key=4

You should only ever use Cabbage to set the MIDI options. Don’t set them in the CsOptions section. As for MIDI output, this is currently only supported when running Csound as a plugin. Can you explain a little more about the setup you are trying to create? Perhaps there is a work around?

I try to make a simple midi sequencer which should send midi notes to an another patch through midi. The second patch is a Drum machine. Both will be turned into VST.

The midi sequencer (will) consist in 12 panel (one per drum instrument) x 32 sliders>Value of the sliders is stored in a table (12 tables) and correspond to the velocity. The note value is not important as it will always be the same for each table (i.e. note 36 = Kick Drum).

A button “play” will trigger reading the table with a metro, and send midi note according the value of the table (moscil kchan, knote, kvelo, kDuration_depending_on_the_drum)
I attach the patch.
Thank you for your help.
CsTest-cabbage2.csd (6.2 KB)

Ok. Are you using the latest Windows version of Cabbage 2? If not download it from here. You can run it out of the extracted archive if you have Cabbage 1 already installed. Once you open, open your patch and change the CsOptions to this

-d -n -+rtmidi=null -m0d -Q0 --midi-key=4

Then hit Play. Then open a synth, I tested using the hard sync synth from the examples. When this opens hit play. Now launch the Cabbage patcher window. Then patch the MIDI output from your midi instrument to the midi input on the synth. I tested here and we are getting some MIDI being sent to the synth. It’s not as expected, but I think this is just down to some issues with your MIDI instrument. Here’s a screenshot of my setup:

Let me know if this works.

Now it works great… Indeed the patch-bay .is really a plus !
Thank you for your help.

Hey Rory is this still the case? I get no midi messages on the IAC bus from Cabbage. What’s the midi output in the settings for? Perhaps I have the option flags wrong

It doesn’t output midi, but I could look into it? I might be able to route midi messages out from instances of plugins

I guess conceptually for a plugin it makes sense not to output midi ‘to the outside world’, only to other plugins, which is what happens in the patcher right?

If one were to use Cabbage as a more general purpose IDE for csd, then I’d expect it to output to IAC midi or hardware midi. If that was the case then it would be great to have the ability to re-compile code in it too :slight_smile:

So does the midi out setting do nothing currently?

That’s correct. MIDI can only be routed to other instruments, kust as you’d expect it to work in a DAW.

No, it doesn’t do anything at the moment. For what it’s worth, can you output MIDI from most DAWs? For example, can I route MIDI output from Live to Reaper using IAC? The other issue is that on WIndows there is no built-in midi patching. One has to use a third party interface like MIDI-Ox to route MIDI around the place.

sure :slight_smile: for example, due to some quirk, in when using Renoise in rewire slave mode to Reaper, you have to send midi to Renoise over IAC bus to play instruments (not Rewire as it should)

Hey Rory

Just revisiting this, and wondering what the possibility midi output directly to hardware ports (portmidi/coremidi) would be in the future? Ideally there would be the option of sending to multiple ports…

Though, I’m sure you’ve got enough on your plate :wink:

It’s not really something I’ve had time to look into. I might be able to give a few hours to it tomorrow in the hope that it can be done relatively quickly. I’ll let you know. If it can’t be done relatively quickly, I’ll have to park it until I have more time.