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New synth beta : Morpheur

TLTT (too late to think!)
Hey I just made up a new acronym! All jokes aside, I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and see if I can figure out what’s happening. It certainly has my attention!

In the example I posted I never directly set a string value for the “filenameOscA” channel. Something odd is going on with chnset but I can’t seem to make a minimal example. Time for more digging…

[edit] After some extensive tests it seems that string channels cannot be updated at perf-time using the host API. I’m pretty sure we should be able to do this. I’ve posted an issue on the Csound github repo. Let’s see what they can do.

I think I’ve found the source of this problem. I’ll try to push through a fix tomorrow.

Ohh thank you! Looking forward to seeing it

While I’m at it I’ll see if I look into the MIDI issue.

@rorywalsh @gsenna
Thank you for your efforts helping debugging.
I just uploaded a slightly improved version in the first post. It seems to eat less CPU.Please use this one instead of prevous one.

Thanks to the help of @rorywalsh, @gsenna and @iainmccurdy , I am pleased to announce that

  • The Morpheur synth is updated, please see first post of this thread for what is new.
  • and also you will find thereafter a demo of this synth. So enjoy the sounds.

About the demo : thanks to Cabbage 2, the Morhpeur synth was exported as VST. I created 6 tracks in Reaper, each of them using a different preset of Morpheur synth. There is no post-production.
Your feedback is more than welcome about the sounds and the synth.

New update for saving more CPU. See discussion there One or many instruments?

There is a new version today. Please feel free to play with it !

One small bug in Tone and aTone corrected.

Final version is out. See first post.
Feed back is welcome.