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Snapshot, ksmps and bend opcodes (fixed)


  • time ago I have downloaded this file in the old site He was accompanied to a video.
  • maybe something wrong, but does not bend the oscili…

bend.csd (480 Bytes)


I’ll prepare a new snapshots examples for you using the up to date mechanism. Do the pitch bend opcodes work in standalone mode?


No, can not change the pitch… I thought I was getting something wrong in the code

Why already exists Windows Cabbage64_0.5.17beta?

Thanks, R

I’ve been working on that beta for a while. The one I posted today is a newer version. I’ll look into those pitch bend issues.

I can confirm that the pitch bend is no longer working. I’ll try to get this sorted today if I can. I’ll let you know how it goes…

I’ve fixed these issue now, thanks to a patch from Andy Filebrown. I’ve also updated the installer in the post here.

Hi Rory,

Now cpsmidib works Perfectly! … you’re always operating? :wink:
PS: I remove the py.dll from the program dir (C:\Program Files\Cabbage64);

Many thanks Rory!


Are you enabled the Python option when installed? It’s disabled by default. I just tested the installer there and I don’t have any py.dll in my program directory.


many thanks for new version! :blush:

  • I don’t select the python options in the setup, but the py.dll is present in the Cabbage dir (image 003);
  • When I uninstall Cabbage, the Cabbage64 folder with other files remains in the system (image 004);
  • When I cut one row of code (or many rows), the code not disappear (images 001,002)

take your time, you are really very kind!


I have the editor fixed now, but I might not get around to creating a new build for Windows until tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll also take a look at the installers. Something is obviously not right there!


try to listen as he works cpsmidib. Elevating the bend several times, it seems to me that you do not reach the same frequency. This defect does not appear lowering the bend. Same for pchbend opcode…

bend2.csd (580 Bytes)


Hmm. I’ll take a look. In fact, it might be time to revisit the MIDI parsing code. I’ve uploaded new binaries for Windows that fix the other problems you reported. Note that I still haven’t got around to sorting that py.dll problem! It’s on a list of things to do!


sorry Rory, but I don’t understand. I downloaded the last windows setup but I don’t see difference…
Can I ask you a favour? When you uploaded new binaries (or new “test” release), please update the number release in the options/About window, or rename this file with this update number version (I rename these files same as you look in the image 001). If you are unable to indicate what improvements you’ve made or bugs fixed, I know right away what to test.

Many thanks for your great work!


PS: the rslider opcode don’t open the cabbage manual… (many opcodes don’t are highlighted…)

These are not releases. They are development snapshots. When I release a version I will increment the version number and provide a change log outlining the updates/changes.

But back to the matter at hand. The presets work fine here? And I have confirmation from other users that they work fine now. In fact, I think I posted to the wrong list earlier. I meant to reply to the other snapshot thread!

I have the same problems with snapshot:

  • black characters;
  • not see .snap in the windows list;
  • combobox not charge the presets: “no choices” it appears
  • the “save at” window is in background respect Main Cabbage window…


Where did you download the latest Cabbage snapshot from? The latest snapshots are available here:

If this doesn’t work, perhaps you should uninstall the previous version first? For me it installed fine over the previous one.

Btw, make sure that you save the snapshots in the same directory as you are working from. Otherwise you’ll need to modify the combobox so that it points to the new directory. It’s best to keep everything in the same place while developing instruments that use snapshots.

One last thing. I know it might seem a little confusing with all these development snapshots, but they are a good way for me to test new features among users. If you wish to see what changes are being made to the code you can view the dev commit log here:

I will try to make the commits a little more readable and descriptive in the future so that it’s easier to follow what updates and fixes have been made.


  • This morning I downloaded the last windowsx64 installer (10th feb upd) and now the snapshot manager works perfectly!
    I do not add more, I thought that with each new release, were fixed all bugs indicated, so I was testing every time all the problems found… that’s why I asked you every time a log … Sorry, Sorry Sorry! :sweat:


No need to apologise. You make a perfectly valid request. I really should have build versions on each and every snapshot that I create. The problem is trying to automate it across the different platforms. I’ll look into it. Btw, I think I fixed the MIDI issues too. I’ll let you know when I have a new version for you to try.