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10 synths and effects available

Hey Everyone! I have posted a bunch of synths and effects here for anyone interested:
They include:
Decalog—10 oscillator virtual anaolog synth will 10 ADSRs, 10 LFOs and any oscillator or LFO can sere as a modulator for any other (FM, AM and RM) plus a bunch of effects in the signal path
Syncopath—similar to Decalog, but digital oscillators that all can sync to any other
Granary—granular synth
Scrubber—granular synth (based on McCurdy’ Grain3) with spectral effects
MorFFT—FFT-based player with spectral effects
ReSynthesizer—can load .pvx, .lp, and .adsyn analysis files for playback with spectral effects
MVerb and MVerb3D—2D and 3D waveguide mesh reverbs
CombKey—MIDI keyboard controlled comb filters
WaveMorphSynth—3-oscillator synth that uses morphing wavetables (a bit cpu intensive)
These are all still under development, but you are welcome to use if desired. I designed all of these more for stand-alone use within Cabbage so they have some features that can be removed if one wants to use them as plugins. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any feedback for me,
Jon Christopher Nelson
Professor of Composition
University of North Texas College of Music
Denton, TX


Thanks Jon, I look forward to trying these out. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Lovely stuff, Rising Doom and Growler are particular favourites of mine already! The range of options in these is staggering. I don’t even know where to start with MorFFT! (Great name by the way :laughing: )

I did notice some dropouts when I tried to ply a little crazy with teh keyboard in the decalog and syncopath synths. I didn’t bring them into a DAW yet, but I might do so I can see what the CPU is like.

Hey Rory! Thanks for your positive feedback. Regrettably, some of these are a bit cpu-intensive. I welcome your thoughts about what might help on this front—I tend to use these outside of a DAW (I am feeling rather “old-school” with my working strategies) but am planning to thin these out a bit to get them ready to save as plugins in the next fee months. If you see some obvious ways to streamline the code I am all ears. Thanks again, Jon

If not using a DAW makes you old-school, then I’m as old-school as anyone. Once I discovered Csound I left the DAW behind. Note that they might run better as a plugin, but I’d have to open a DAW to find out :laughing:

Thanks for posting these up - I’m looking forward to trying them and looking at the code in the coming weeks :slight_smile:

My pleasure–please send me any feedback you care to provide. You might also check back in a couple of weeks as I am just wrapping up a 5D wave terrain synth that I will post on my download page soon,