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A preset system with fadeout (tails)

this is a delay that when changing preset tails from previous preset fade out while new one is active. Unfortunately it came out more complex that expected but I think it can be adapted quite easily

In case someone need it feel free to copy/modify/improve.

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve often wondered what the best way of doing this is. :thinking:

The idea is quite simple:
One instrument get the value of widget and store it in an bidimensional array where X dimension is the list of parameter and the Y dimension is different every time the preset is changed (write all the X in a different Y)
The effect instrument itself read the needed parameters in the corresponding array Y dimension, the instrument have a different fractional number at each preset change; tail is acheived by linsegr envelope; is like a polyphonic instrument with each voice reading a different array part.
Basically the instrument that read the widgets and the effect that use parameters must write and read the same Y array dimnsion.
Hope there was a simpler way :joy:

Biggest part of the code is due to the preset system I’m using (to have midi control), it should work also with the default preset mehod, maybe I’ll give it a try.

It reminds me of Oli Larkin’s P Mix system.