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A Problem exporting as VST running in DAW

Hello Cabbage users,
I have a small problem with the exported effect VST.

There is a noticeable 30% gain when put on the mixer even when the effects are turned off in the VST, I am not sure what is wrong with my code for it to cause this issue, but please let me know if there is a solution.

complete gui with preset manager.csd (3.2 KB)

Hi @testing505, I’ll try this out later and let you know. I’m not by my PC now…

It’s probably because you have two instances of your effect running, i.e., i1

;Delay is in ms
i 1 0 [3600*24*7] ;delay
f1 0 1024 10 1 ;reverb
i1 0 z 

Also, I’m sure it’s just leftovers from some other code, but
f1 0 1024 10 1
doesn’t relate to reverb at all…

Thank you Rory I really appreciate the response, i will look into this thank you !