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A synth update and two new effects

Hey Everyone! I am pleased to announce that you can now get an updated version of my Granary granular synth/soundfile granulator/live granulator, a Spectral Panning/Delay effect, and a multiband effect module at Kudos to Christopher Poovey for his expert work in helping me update Granary, realizing my concept for the spectral panning/delay unit, and creating a slick multiband effects unit.

Granary: fixed some minor soundfile granulation bugs, overhauled the live input granulation, added noise grains in the granular synthesis side, and also added granular synthesis that isn’t triggered by a MIDI keyboard.

Spectral Panning and Delay: features some nice function table manipulation to control the time and amplitude delay attributes

Multiband FX: 8 user-defined frequency bands, three effects in series per band, summed and sent to three master effects.

Nice work guys :clap: And thanks very much for sharing!