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Ableton 10 crash (win10) when I import a vst-instrument built in Cabbage

Hi to everyone,
I use csound in electronic music school courses for 3 years but I had never used Cabbage.
I built a crossFm synthesizer that sounds pretty good and does pretty good in cabbage but when I import it in Ableton crashes and say “A serious program error has occured.
Live will shut down after this message box is closed”.
Anyone has experience with that ?
I emailed also the Ableton support but they said that they can’t help me with third part vst.

Thank you

Hi @Scabrosus, welcome to the forum! Can you post or PM me the .csd file so that I can test it?

Hi @rorywalsh , first of all thank you for your tutorials, thank to you I’ve built the instrument.
Anyway I’ve solved it, I forgot to put .csd file in the same folder of the .dll file.
Sorry for the noob problem, now it’s working very well!

That’s quite a common issue! I’m glad you got it sorted.