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Ableton Live 9 not recognizing Cabbage VSTs

Hey guys, I just downloaded Cabbage and tried to export one of the examples into my VST folder and Ableton Live 9 64-bit doesn’t seem to recognize it as a VST. In particular, I exported the convolution Reverb plugin as an effect. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

Can you try this version? I’m able to load exported VST into Live without a problem. Btw, are you certain that both the .dll and corresponding .csd are in the VST folder?

Try which version? Did you attach a file to your post or something? Also yes, I’m positive that my .dlls are in the VST folder. Thanks!


Sorry, I meant this one. Can you try it and let me know. Can you also post a screenshot of the contents of the VST folder holding the Cabbage dlls?

I’ve been messing around with both versions this morning and I found all I needed to do was restart my system, at least I think that was the issue I wasn’t very methodical with my testing so it’s possible something else fixed it, but I doubt it. For what it’s worth, both versions work after a reboot. What is the difference between the versions you sent? Also are the .dlls inside of the Cabbage program folder just dummy VSTs used to build the actual VSTs? Thanks for the help!

One interesting thing I just noticed is that the first session I load after I have put these VSTs in the Ableton VST folder is that I am unable to drag anything in from the file browser, I can only double click to put the VST onto a track. This goes after after I open and close Ableton and it doesn’t have to scan these VSTs again, but I figure it’s worth mentioning, since I’ve never had this happen before.

That’s interesting to note. Some other Live users seem to be having some issues of late. If it happens again please let me know. I can’t reproduce the issue here at all.

One is just a little newer as it’s the current dev snapshot build. I just wanted to make sure we were using the same versions.

That’s it. Each .csd file is basically a configuration preset for Cabbage. So each time you export a plugin, one of those dlls is copied, renamed and put into the same folder as your 'csd file. When it is called by a host it will read the compile Csound create a corresponding GUI. It’s completely dynamic.

That’s very cool! This is a really great concept. Thanks for the help.

Update: I’ve been messing about with the example VSTs some more and it seems the problem of making my drag and drop functionality persists intermittently. I’ll try and track down the cause today.

What drag and drop functionality? Is that exporting them and dragging them into Live? Btw, you can export all examples in one go if you like. Go to ‘export samples as VST plugins’ and follow the instructions. It’s quite a collection but make sure you have enough disk space for them all!

Im referring to the ability to drag files from the in-program browser on the left side of the UI into any given track. This ability is linked to audio files, MIDI clips, VSTs, and anything else in the browser. The Cabbage VSTs seem to be doing something that disables this until I restart Live, but I haven’t figured out how to re-create it. It definitely happened the first time I opened Live after exporting VSTs into the VST folder for the first time. It’s working fine right now. Im not using a legitimate version of Live so these issues could easily be linked to my software being outdated (Live 9.5).

Ah yes, that should work fine. That’s always how I load them. Note I only have Live 9 for the moment but I might get on to Ableton and ask them to upgrade me :wink: