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Ableton session with Cabbage VST not opening

Hey there, yesterday I made an Ableton Live 10 session with no other plugins in it except a VST synth i made in cabbage, it worked fine and the VST still works fine but today the session won’t open at all, Ableton crashes before opening. I’ve had this happen before too. Could this be a problem with the cabbage VST? Cheers

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Did you update cabbage, or maybe re-export your vsts since you created the Ableton session? I know I had problems when the automateable controls in the exported vst changed between DAW loads because I had updated some instruments.

I just tried to recreate the issue here and I had no issues. macos 13.10, but I only have Live 9. What OS are you on? Could you PM me your synth?

Nope, haven’t changed a thing! It even just happened again with another session i only made last night with a single instance of the plugin :frowning:

yeah i’ll pm you now, thanks!

I’ve no issues here with this. I can save and load in Live without any issues. You on Windows or OSX? I’ve only tried on Windows 10 but can’t replicate the problem. Does you have snapshots in the VST folder? If so, can you try removing them, maybe they have been corrupted somehow.

no snapshots and i tried exporting it again and its still happening with new sessions as soon as i make them. i’m on mac os mojave 10.14