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About Cabbage pro

Hi @rorywalsh, you talked about the Puremagnetik Team that use Cabbage Pro to build their commercial plugins, in an old post… What Cabbage Pro is? Where I could find it or is only the commercial license of Cabbage?

I’ll PM you the details…

Thank you :slight_smile:

So the closest thing to a student discount would be something like a one person indie license would be the least expensive? I’d be interested in a pm about it?

Hi @rorywalsh I’m interested in knowing more about Cabbage pro as well if you could please PM?

@rorywalsh I’m very curious about this “pro” version. Any info available? thanks!

PM on the way…

@rorywalsh If you could also PM me any info on the pro version that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

could you PM info about the Pro version of Cabbage please ? I’m very interested !

PM on the way :wink:

could you PM about the Pro version?
Many thanks

On its way…

Could you PM also to me?
Thank you so much

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Please be so kind as to PM me the details to the pro version I’d appreciate that so much

Jumping on the bandwagon here, could I also get the details Rory please?

Hi! Could you give me more information about Pro? Tks so much!!

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Why not just speak openly about Cabbage Pro?

Mostly because it’s only in its very early stages of development. But yeah, I think I can make a sticky on the main forum about it now. :wink: I’ll post a little later today.