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About the midi ports

Hi everyone. I have some questions about how midi ports work and how to use them. Currently I have my code working with -Q1 -M0 and -+rtmidi=portmidi in the options section. I have midi monitor on the q1 to check if its working and everything is okay. My question is that if I exported this as a vst, how would those inputs and outputs work? I want this plugin to recieve midi inside the daw and send it to a vst synth after doing some midi stuff to the message. I use FL Studio which has midi ports that help you route midi to each other. How should I approach this?

Don’t know, how to send MIDI, but receiving MIDI ist straightforward, as the DAW decides, which MIDI intsrument wil be routed to which plugin. So the plugin will only receive MIDI from this device only and nothing special needs to be done in the cabbage code. This is at least, how it works in NI Maschine and in Samplitude.

To create midi have a look at those opcodes:

I think I couldn’t explain myself well. My question isn’t about the opcodes that recieve and send midi. It is about the options section where you route it. As an example, -Q1 for me is MIDI Monitor so the midi out goes to there and I check how my code performs. I want to know how the options section should be written to correctly route them.

If you use -+rtmidi=NULL -M0 -Q0 you should have access to the plugin’s MIDI in and out. Check out the MidiArpSimple example in the Misc folder. It takes MIDI in, and outputs a new MIDI stream. :+1:

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