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Hello ~
eh…yeah a question again :joy:
when i saw the “examples - ADSR_Envelop”
I tried to change “voc2” to “oscili”,cuz i wanna ues the Simple Sin, but the frist Wave is Not Sin?

here, Does it conflict with GEN10? Or do I have to use “ftgen”?i don’t know…
and i changed the “ifn” here, the table has changed ,yeah i knew it , but how can i fix this situation?
屏幕快照 2020-04-26 下午12.27.34
Env 1.csd (8.7 KB)



Although I didn’t write this example, it looks to me like function table 1 is already in use. Using a higher number function table for your instrument will work. I tried by using f10 and it works fine.

Oh… Yes! My brain is short circuited…ahahahah! thanks, I left f1 to Env…work fine~