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Again: problem with building

Dear community,
I again tried to install cabbage on my linux machine.
Unfortunately, it didn’t work.
I’ve posted the output of ./buildCabbage here on pastebin:
Do I have to run it as root?
Thanks for Your help,

It looks like it cannot find the Projucer. You will need to build that first. Btw, there is an experimental Linux build, it’s a .deb, but if that works for you you can grab it here:
Just click artefacts and download the installers. As far as I know it might not create the correct shortcuts, and if you run from the command line it might be uppercase Cabbage rather than cabbage. It would be good to know if it works or not, since I added it to the build setup I’ve no had a chance to really test it.

Dear rory,
thanks for Your reply.
I’ve downloaded the debian and the app seems to work. It runs as “Cabbage” form the command line.

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