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Have seen his name prominently for a while… but have only come to listen to his music.

Thank you, Csound…

@Oeyvind we’re listening!! You’ll be interested to know that he uses Cabbage for much of his live performances :grinning:

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I was looking at the code for the Hadron granular synthesis program he has written, and it is just amazing how organized his code is!!! Was curious how he created the latest version of the interface, but the version included in this download doesn’t have the slick interface, but as far as I can tell, it still is the same program. Now I will just have to find the time to learn to use the program!

I remember him releasing a Cabbage version some time back. Search the forums for a copy. He used JUCE/Csound to develop the original. It’s a very nice interface. Very professional looking. Great plugin.

Hi, thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a recording of a live set, improvised, but with a premediated plan of approximately “where to go”. Csound and Cabbage is the main sound generator, and I run the plugins in Reaper. I occasionally might use an off-the-shelf instrument (like Native Kontakt instruments, Serum etc), but most of the sounds come from Csound. The vibraphone sound is a sample of my old Musser Vibraphone, with layering and velocity switching of sample playback made in Csound with loscil. I also used Hadron and a range of other custom Csound effects processors for this live setup. Around 11:30 you can hear a recent granular experiment (not Hadron, but this one also built with partikkel): whenever I play the same note twice, it will start a rhythmic sequence repeating that note. The tempo of each note-pattern will gradually sync to a common tempo, and I found it fun to create granular trajectories in this manner.

The interface for the VST version of Hadron was made with JUCE, as Rory mentions, as this gave some more flexibility in the design than what was possible with Cabbage back then (around 2010). I did attempt to make a Cabbage version that would expose all parameters (some 200 of them) and allow for saving the settings into Hadron states that could be loaded in the standard VST version. There were some challenges with such a huge GUI, both in terms of making it tidy and user friendly, and also in terms of processing efficiency. I think this should be much easier now, with the many updates Rory have done to Cabbage.