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[Announce] Hadron for Cabbage

Here is a Cabbage version of the wonderful Hadron Particle Synthesiser. Oeyvind added a Cabbage frontend to it, and it looks great. But it’s completely untested. I’ve found to run fine within Bitwig and Ardour(if you are running the latest version of Cabbage make sure to set the speaker arrangement in Ardour. All plugins are now 8-channel by default). It works well with the sampled audio, but I’ve yet to get results with the live input. It basically all there though. Some bits just need a little bit of TLC.!SJ1yGB5B!JaYZe2afZVEbfea51IP2it9wps6EqJcKbSEL5HYQ5M0


Now I try on windows :wink: (thank you for having shown)


On windows you may be as well off downloading the Windows package from the Hadron homepage rather than the Cabbage one which is get much untested.

Really nice Rory! Hadron is great.

I only posted the message, Oeyvind ported of the synthesiser! It’s impressive that so much of Hadron’s core functionality is actually coded directly in Csound. Kind of makes it extremely portable. Oeyvind is busy at the moment, but I think he will return to it once he gets a chance.