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Any host examples?

Are there any vst host examples available?

Not sure I get the question? Sorry, do you mean are there any examples of VST plugins created with Cabbage, or can Cabbage be used to create VSTs? Or are you asking can you write a VST host with Cabbage?

Hi Rory,

First I’m sorry for the direct question, but I’m very excited about finding cabbage to start testing it. :grin:

Yes i mean to create a host to run vst plugins inside.
There are some very good existing hosts like cantabile.
But i have other demands and am curious if this would be possible with cabbage.

It’s possible to build plugins that run in Cantabile, but if you want to write a software like that then you’ll need more than Cabbage. But, it is possible to add a lot of unique features to a host like Cantabile with Cabbage plugins. It all depends on what you want to do. What exactly are you thinking about doing?

Yeah i have kinda similar wishes.
Have a decent playlist system.
Have a good notes system
Use vst plugin, also as rack
Maybe look for some other functions like in mainstage

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there myself. But if you want to write a host from scratch you’ll need to learn C++. Cabbage is a VST host. It can load 3rd party VST plugins. If you know C++ you can add features to Cabbage yourself? But I’m afraid that for now it’s not possible to write a new VST host with Cabbage. Many of the features you describe are available in other hosts? Or?

Thx, yes true but I’m missing many features. It’s limited for me. But i understand it’s a complex task to get it all running good.
I’m not a programmer and have lots of respect for people with the skills.
I’m a sound and graphics designer and musician.

Sounds like you have all the skills to make something great :slight_smile: let me know if I can help :+1:

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