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Are newlines in popuptext/popup[pre|post]fix possible?

Is it currently possible to have newline characters in any of the popup text areas forcing a multi-line messages?

I can see some use for this, if it’s not already possible. I tried a few ways, and didn’t have any luck… but maybe I did it wrong?

Did you try doing it with a chnset rather than in the Cabbage section? If that doesn’t work then I’ll need to visit that code and see if I can add it for you.

In this particular instance I had tried in the cabbage section. I try to keep my popup’s from needing csound/chnset influence, instead using prefix/postfix to create the popup message whenever possible.

I can try a test to see if it works when done using chnset later this evening.

I forgot to check back in, this does appear to work if using chnset… but it also ignores the use of prefix and postfix messages… not sure if that’s an intended/expected behavior or not, just found it noteworthy.

It’s not a huge deal if not, but do you think the ability to use newlines may ever make it to the cabbage section too?

I can certainly take a look. Cabbage work is a little slow at the moment but don’t worry, the pace of development will pick up again soon.