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ASIO hack for mingw on Windows

Do you also have to modify the juce source code to build successfully in windows? With the latest code and and the version of mingw32 suggested in the Csound repo I had to apply this ->

With the one installed using mingw-get I couldn’t even tell what the problem was because it produces garbled output in my console (cmd.exe).

Now, I am going to try to reproduce that error you were saying about comboboxes entering in a loop with the host when they are refreshed after a snapshot has been loaded.

That fix is needed, but I thought I had included it myself in the dev branch. Just curious however, Windows is a pita, why don’t you just continue using Linux for development?

Finally, your reply has nothing to do with my original post about the latest beta version for OSX? Replying to messages with unrelated topics makes the forum harder to search through.

Sorry, you’re right. I should have started a new thread. I don’t have OSX to try the new beta.

I’ll answer your question though. I need to have that combobox thing implemented before March. I already know how to fix it, but it breaks using cabbage as a plugin acording to what you said. As we are not in need of that feature for our classes, I was thinking in building it myself for the three different OS, applying my patches, and distributing that binary. For the moment being what I’ve learned is that I hate building things in Windows.

(Feel free to relocate or delete this post if you want).

I’m not sure how to move messages? Anyway, why not just find a fix on Linux, submit it to me, and I’ll add it to the source and rebuild binaries for the other OSs?

Yes, that’s what I meant. I’ve seen mods do that in other forums.I’ll promise to be more careful in the future.

Regarding your second question, probably because of something between selfishness (as I don’t need Cabbage as a plugin) and lazyness (as I already know the hack to make it work in my situation and also because I’d need to find out why my synth does not work when used as a VST).

But you’re right, we need to find a fix for the problem that works for everyone. My C++ abilities are kind of limited, but I’ll give it a shot though.