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AU export: Wrong component name


I am trying to export a simple plugin to AU, and it looks like the export name is generic and doesn’t match the filename or the name given during the export.

Example: When I try to example this effect, as VST and AU, the VST name is the right one but the AU name is generic.
I double check the AU components I exported last year and the naming was correct.

(left: AU export, right: VST export)

Is it expected?

Thank you!


No, not expected. I’ll try to identify where things changed.

p.s. do you know the build number of the version that was working Ok?

Actually, I’m wondering if this wasn’t always like this? I’ve looked back through changes to the source and there has been little to no modification made to my plugin export class in the last few years. The public version of Cabbage uses a generic name for the binaries and .csd file for AudioUnits, while the pro version uses the manufacturer name. The AUs should still load fine. I vaguely remember trying to address this issue before, but found that renaming the binary was causing all sorts of issues. :thinking:

Hi @rorywalsh, I confirm with my Pro Version of Cabbage (from June, last year) the name is different. I’m currently working with the public version.

I thought it was why the AU export wasn’t working. After debugging every step, I figured out the plugin id has to follow a specific syntax (first uppercase letter, and 4 characters in total). Now it works well, and the name is the right one.

So actually it’s not an issue and it works as expected! This bug was tricky to find, sorry for the false alert.

Sorry, this is known but when I searched the docs it’s not mentioned. I’ve updated the docs.

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