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Audio Bussing

I am looking to create an audio routing system within my instrument, and in looking at this, I have found at least four different systems of creating a set of audio busses. I was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of these different method and their in’s and out’s. I will try to give my list of things I have seen.

  1. Using global variables to pass audio. It seems there are a couple of opcodes that work with global variables to perform various tasks (ie mixing audio on a buss, clearing a buss)

  2. using the ‘chn’ family of opcodes.

  3. using the zak family of opcodes.

  4. using the “Mixer” family of opcodes.

Each of these methods provide similar functions, such as mixing and clearing. But are there any specific advantages to any of these methods?

Hello, I tend to use audio arrays (a variaton of global variables method) because are easy to manipulate since every audio slot can be indexed (you can use loops and you declare only one variable for multiple signals).
As far as I know zak opcodes AR going to be deprecated.

Are usually do everything with names channels. I find the syntax cleaner than using global variables.