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Audio playback form Gen 02 table

I’m doing a university project and my goal was to create a delay effect that I would be able to re arrange chunks of audio in the delayed signal arbitrarily. The way I tried to do this was write audio to a table use ftslice to write 1000 sample chunks of the delay to tables and then play them back but there doesn’t seem to be a way to play back audio from a gen 02 table or initialize a gen 01 table without a sample. my code is attached shuffled delay.csd (2.5 KB)

Any oscillator or table reading opcode can read the contents of a GEN02 table. Also, you don’t need to use GEN01 when you create your empty table. You can use GEN07 or GEN05. Once the data is written to it the GEN used to create the table becomes irrelevant.

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that’s what i thought initially but when i asked my professor what he thought was the problem was i was using the wrong gen routine for making the tables, i have no idea why my code produces silence

I see some suspicious use of i-rate opcodes within k-rate if blocks. That’s never a good idea. Also you’re playing instrument 1 for just one second, but you test for when it has performed for longer than 1 sec? I also think playing back the sample this way will cause issues with pops and clicks. Instead of writing all the incoming data to 40+ tables, why not simply read the bits you want from the source table?

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