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AUi synth export not validating/showing in Renoise

VST works fine though

What OS are you on. I can’t seem to get Renoise to list any of my AUi synths, even those developed by Apple?

mac 10.12.6

uh that’s weird. I can see the other AUi synths, just not the ones produced by Cabbage

I just figured out how to insert plugins synths on Windows. I’ll try my mac tomorrow and see what happens there. I’m a bit Renoise rusty.

Same thing happening here for me. I just can’t seem to get Renoise to see my AUs. All other hosts do. I’ve also noticed that the plugin name is not correct when loading AUi instruments in Renoise. That might be part of the problem.

Hello there

I just tried this again by exporting from the latest version of Cabbage (2.0.03) but the AUi’s aren’t appearing in Renoise still. Has anything changed that would affect that?


I wasn’t been able to get Renoise to show any AUs for me so I’ve just used VSTs. Is there a reason not to use VST versions? I guess if you’ve exported loads of AUs you don’t want to duplicate them as VSTs. I’ll take another look.

Nope, no reason VST is fine. Just in habit of defaulting to AUs. Bloody Apple boy me :grin:


I"m having the same problems here. It’s strange. It’s only showing Apple AUs, no third party stuff. Btw, do the VSTs load Ok for you? I haven’t had time to check this…

[edit] just checked, they seem to load and work fine…