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Automating Widgets

I’m in the process of building my first instrument with Cabbage. It is something that I worked up in Pure Data, and I figured that since I know this instrument, I would like to port it to Cabbage/Csound.

So far, everything is working out fine, but there are a couple of bumps.

The main one is in testing using Csound to control the values of a widget (ie Automation), and it seems to work, except that at the end of the instrument that is controlling the widget, the value of the widget immediately returns to its initial value, or at least the value it had at the start of the automated control. This is the test I worked up…

(instrument removed because it gets wonky with the XML tags, how can I post it?)

OK, Figured it out on my own… after reading a reply from Rory on another thread…

Note that you might want to use the new cabbageSet/Get opcodes instead of using identchannel(), it’s faster, and leads to nicer two way communication with hosts. You can read about these in the announcements forum. Also, best to make sure you are using the latest beta version.

P.S. to format code, just paste it in, select it, and then hit the ‘</>’ button to format it.

Thanks, Rory. I did see the video on YouTube (you’ve been coming up in my feed ever since I watched the first videos on using Cabbage!)