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Latest beta packages available here (updated links)

Cabbage packages are created remotely each time a commit is made to the Cabbage GIT develop repository. These builds are beta and can be accessed here

Just follows the steps shown here:

Please do not report issues to this thread. Report them to the Cabbage Slugs section of the forum; and please reference to reference the build tag if you can.

Hi Rory, seems that beta builds are no more accessible. Azure ask for login/pass…

Thanks, I’ve updated the link. You need to click on the latest successful run, and then proceed to the published link. :+1:

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thanks Rory!

Hey @rorywalsh, I tried grabbing the beta build for linux yesterday, but it was empty. Is that something that should be available, or am I stuck having to learn to build my own? :upside_down_face:

(edit:) kali live boot on usb with persistence. it’s a debian variant in case it matters, and most .debs seem to work so far :slight_smile:

The Linux betas are not functional at the moment. Sorry, I’ll look into fixing this when I get a chance. In the meantime it’s still quite simple to build on Linux, but if you working with a USB drive, it would definitely be easier to use a .deb

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If it could happen, fantastic… but it’s definitely not a high priority.

I might take a crack at compiling myself soon, but I probably won’t have most of the pre-reqs ahead of time. I do at least have csound running and a working blue install too. Baby steps :slight_smile:

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Rory, I’m not seeing anything like the screen you published above. After going through the Azure website, I couldn’t find anything that allowed me to download anything. I’m confused.

Click on the latest pipeline run from the link above. Then press the published link, then the drop link. Azure isn’t known for its user friendliness :roll_eyes:

[edit] I’ve updated that graphic with a gif that should be a little more easy to follow…

Do I need to be signed in or something? I still don’t see the last screen that gives the links to the downloads.

I just tried doing this from my computer (I was using my phone earlier), and I pretty much get the same thing. The drop link still doesn’t have the links to download.

Can you send a screenshot?

Can you try one of the most recent runs. It might be that Azure wipes older binaries. When you get to the ‘drop’ section you should see three little dots allowing downloads. Please let me know if clicking a newer version helps. I haven’t heard of anyone else having problems accessing the builds?

Same thing. No link to anything to download. When I click on the three dots and select ‘download’, it starts a download of a file named ‘’, but never fully downloads the file, it stops halfway through.

It’s a large file as it contains installers for three platforms. I wonder would a download assistant help, so it can resume download if the connection gets cut?

It’s not working. Everytime it starts to download more data it starts from the beginning… I’m trying it from my computer now… Se me to be a little more stable. I’ll let you know.

What were you trying from?

I usually download things with my phone because I get faster download speeds, and it doesn’t cost me data. But this is the first time I’ve had issues with it not downloading. So, I got the “” file with my computer, and after almost 220M of download, the zip file is broken and it doesn’t extract.

I’m afraid there is little I can help with it in this respect. The zip file downloads and extracts for me each time I try it. The download size is rather large because it includes installer for all platforms. No other users have reported an issue with accessing this files. I hate to say it but this seems like an issue on your end :grimacing:

Well, I tried getting some help through Microsoft, but they are asking me to pay, and what free help they offer isn’t working on my computer. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next release.