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Latest beta packages available here (updated links)

Cabbage packages are created remotely each time a commit is made to the Cabbage GIT develop repository. These builds are beta and can be accessed here

Just follows the steps shown here:

Please do not report issues to this thread. Report them to the Cabbage Slugs section of the forum; and please reference to reference the build tag if you can.

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Hi Rory,

For some reason the MacOS version is not present in the downloaded installers?

Thanks, seems I botched the installer script. Just triggering a new build now :+1:

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Thank you!

Hi Rory and all. All latest beta are not giving Windows versions
and this is the warning

Hi @alfonso_santimone, yeah, it seems the new MIDI opcodes on Windows are causing a build issue due to a naming conflict in Csound. What I’m going to do is disable them on Windows for now. Update the offending Csound source and reinstate them once my changes have been accepted. Thanks for the feedback :+1:

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Hi @rorywalsh, thanks. In the meantime i go see what’s new about MIDI opcodes in CSound…totally missed the news :smiley:

They are Cabbage only I’m afraid. Not available in vanilla Csound.

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it’s seems there is the same Win build troubles with the last two commits…

I updated the Windows build tools locally, and it turns out Azure DevOps is using an older toolchain, which is ironic, considering Azure is a MS product :roll_eyes: Anyway I triggered a new build now.

troubles with win nightly are back…

Directory ‘D:\a\1\a’ is empty. Nothing will be added to build artifact ‘Installers’.

Thanks @alfonso_santimone, I’m currently doing some dev work that might upset the nightly builds. I’ll take a look.

It seems that there are problems again for downloading the latest versions for Windows. This warning appears: "[warning]Directory ‘D:\a\1\a’ is empty. Nothing will be added to build artifact ‘Installers’ " It seems to be the same issue that Alfonso mentioned. The latest build is not available for windows:

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Latest artifacts (now 2.9.200) don’t run on silicon Macs.
2.9.181 is working

Oh, let me take a look…

[edit] I don’t think it will work on any Mac system because I’m pretty sure it didn’t build. I think I see the reason now. Give me a few secs…

I’ve triggered a new build now. :+1:

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v2.9.201 runs ok on silicon Macs!

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Have there been no builds in over a month? The last Windows build (228) was broken due to timeout, by the way. No artifacts.

No, no new builds in a month. Mainly because of no new features or bug fixes since then. And also because I’m currently working on Cabbage 3, which is a complete rewrite and is taking up almost all of my free time.

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