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Preset saving issue

Hi there,

I’m having an issue using the new named presets.

If I create a patch in my synth and save it say “TEST 1” for example, As soon as I click the save button the controls change to random values and it saves the patch as that.

If I then create another patch “TEST 2” when I click save the controls quickly change to what they were for “TEST 1” and save like that.

So “TEST 1” is wrong, “TEST 2” is “TEST 1”, 3 will be 2 etc etc etc

Also I’ve noticed that one of the patches will create a close in the .snaps file even when I delete it. (You’ll see in the image) is that normal? The other patches don’t have closes like that.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks a million,


PS: I’m also noticing that when I click save patch but then click cancel, it saves a patch then but with the name of the synth like before the named system instead of canceling and not saving.

Actually I’ve just realized I’m using an old version of Cabbage. (2.1.04) I should update first and see if that solves the issue!

Best to grab the latest beta.