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Edit Mode no longer working

How can I open the Edit Mode? The menu Edit > Edit Mode doesn’t work, and neither does ctrl + E. But I could still open the Edit Mode earlier today…

I’m using Cabbage 2.8.0 for Linux.

(I want to add sliders by means of the Edit Mode.)

Can you try updating to the latest version of Cabbage?

There is a Linux deb file that you can install from there. I’m sure this is a local problem. 2.8.0 is nearly a year old. If there were issues with edit-mode I’m sure people would have reported them by now. :thinking:

Can you prepare a short video maybe of how it’s not working?

Don’t know how to prepare a video. Nothing happens when I click Edit en then Edit Mode or when I do ctrl together with E. But the strange thing is that Edit Mode still opened a few hours ago.

What are you expecting to happen? Do you have any controls in your plugin?

Maybe nothing should happen with the program I used? Could you post an example program where trying to open the Edit Mode should work?

Have you looked at the docs? I’m not sure I could do much else in terms of explaining how these things works.
You might also want to check the video tutorials, although they are pretty old, the ‘Intro to widgets’ one might help.

Yes I have looked at them, but I will do so again to see at what point exactly my Cabbage behaves differently. Maybe I’m simply doing something wrong.

Can you really not record a short vide demo? I’m sure it is something simple. OBS runs well on Linux, and there are also a few useful gif recorders too. If I can just see what you are doing I’ll be in a better position to help out.

Found it. If I follow the steps 1,2, 3 in the picture below than I can edit the GUI.

:+1: The other quick way of entering edit mode, is to press Ctrl+e, but you the text editor must have focus for this to work.