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Download issues

Trying to download cabbage windows being told it’s not safe no idea what to do

Where are you downloading it from?

The cabbage website

It’s most likely an anti-virus software you have running in the background. Maybe try grabbing the latest beta from the Azure DevOps page, it’s hosted by Microsoft, so maybe that will help. :man_shrugging:

Will do thanks for the help

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Once on azure DevOps how do I find the latest beta

There is a sticky post on the main forum page here. Let me know if the gif at the top isn’t clear. Azure DevOps isn’t the most user friendly service in the world!

Struggling to find the azure pipe line with the exe on it ? :thinking:

Click the artifacts button. Then click the three little dots on the right and download the installers. It’s not very accessible at all :roll_eyes:

Tried clicking the artifacts button
All it says is no feeds were found

Click here. Then click the three little dots on the right-hand side and hit download. :+1: