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Instrument issues! please help!

Hi, i have an instrument written and its kinda mad (intentionally) and i like the sound but it wont run unless another instrument is started before it and when i try and play it with a keyboard it sounds like theres a buffer issue! i have changed the buffer in cabbage settings but its still says 1024 at the bottom in the console!
First post so im not sure how it works? Do i post the code?
Thanks in advance

Hi @PaddyK, welcome to the forum. What version are you using? Might be best to grab the very latest version and test with that. Instructions are available here:

If you still have no luck you can post the instrument here, and if you don’t want to make it public, PM it to me and I can take a look. :+1:

Hi Rory, thanks very much for your reply. Im using version 2.8.0. I’d love you to take a quick look at the code if you didnt mind, how do i send that as a pm?

Just click my avatar and go to ‘message’ :+1:

Just taking this back public. Nice instrument :+1: Very orchestral sounding, or maybe an orchestra tuning up :rofl: It works here without any problems. Did you try the latest beta?

Thanks for look Rory! i thought 2.8.0 was the latest, obviously not!i’ll go and download the latest now and check the instrument.

Ok, latest updated and its working better! Thanks man.
I still have an issue though im afraid.
i trying to get the reverb to run within the instrument i added it as instr 2 - global - if that makes sense? so i needed to add to orchestra so it would ‘play’, the issue is that its not realtime now as the instrument plays for the defined time in the orchestra when all the orchestra is meant to do is let the reverb run! does that make sense?
Id like it to turn off once the note is released but still be able to use the reverb

Just set the reverb instrument to be always on, and use either channels, or global variables to patch the sound to it. Should work fine. If not, send me on a snippet of code to look at.

so … i 2 0 z ? if that is what you mean it still plays as if it werent realtime, like it did in csound reading from the orchestra

instr 2

aout reverb ga1*.2, gi1*.2

outs aout*.2, aout*.2

ga1 = 0 ;clear


ksmps = 32
nchnls = 2
0dbfs = 1

ga1 init 0
gi1 init 0

Looks fine to me.

outs kEnvarev, kEnvarev

ga1 += arev

did you try the instrument when you looked at it? once you kit a key/mouse click a key in the instrument it doesn’t shut off when its released

That’s the first thing I would fix. There must be an envelop keeping it running?

Finally fixed!! Thank for your help Rory and congrats on a really great resource

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