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Don't see the code and crashes when I "Open New Instrument" (Fixed)


after the new installation I have a new problem with the editor:

and when I open a new instrument, It closes instantly (crashes)

I forgot something in the installation?

It may depend on whether there are problems with the sound card at startup?


Are you sure you are working off the dev branch? The crash on Open has been fixed in the dev branch. When you go to Option->About Cabbage does it show ‘v1.1.01’? If not, cd to your cabbage dir and do

git checkout develop
git pull origin develop

After that, run the build script again like you did yesterday. With that done, open Cabbage and go to the ‘Options’ menu and select Audio Setup. Then choose the audio card or device you wish to use. For best performance, you should probably use Jack. Just make sure you start Jack first. After you’ve selected your sound card, press the ‘Test’ button to make sure everything is Ok. Then close that window. Then try a new instrument. Hopefully it works Ok.

If problems with the text persist, you can try going to the ‘Edit’ menu in the text editor, and changing the “Editor Theme”. It’s strange that the font is black on a black background. I’ve not seen this before. If that doesn’t work you can try selecting a different font.

Let me know how it goes. There are issues with the Ubuntu window manager in 16.04, but I’ve found a workaround for now. I will search for a better solution when I get a chance.


I forgot to install the seguents 2 things:

sudo apt-get -y install npm
sudo apt-get -y install msttcorefonts

now the editor work perfect:

Cabbage is the 1.1.0 version but the terminal inform me that:

“You are already on ‘develop’”
“Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/develop’.”

My audio interface is not already supported by LINUX. The FFado project work for that:

for now I set my audio interface in class compliant mode and this option allows me to use it with linux but not with all the options (internal DSP and so on…)…

for this reason I set the ALSA because with Jack I need the drivers…

Thanks for all…


Ok, looks like you are up to date with the current branch. I forgot to push through the version number increment :joy:

You failed to provide one vital piece of information for us: does it work Ok now? Can you open instruments and play them?

you’re right!!! :wink:

yes, I play Cabbage with the provided examples with my keyboard and Cabbage works perfectly on my system!

remains the problem that it crashes when I open a new instrument.

Cabbage is very nice also on Linux!!!

Thanks again,


Ah hang on. You need to go to ‘Options’ and then ‘Preferences’, and then ‘Use Cabbage File Dialogues’. Then you should be good to go. I’m sure that’s the last part of the puzzle!

This is really crazy. I’m new to cabbage, using osx 10.12, and it really sounds perfect for what I’m looking for, but upon opening the app, the entire editor doesn’t even work (no text, as above) and I’m presented with half a dozen immediate bugs.

Now I have to check out the dev branch just to get past a slew of very obvious bugs that should never have made it into production? (EDIT: even the dev branch won’t show text… fiddling with theme, font, etc does not work… has this been QA-ed on mac any time in the last six months since the original post?)

Trying not to be negative here because it seems like an incredible amount of work went into this amazing project, but is mac a second class citizen for cabbage or something? Surely it would be better to bump the release branch to the dev branch immediately if the current production release is 100% broken…?

Yes, you risk regressions and further bugs but it’s totally unusable and an issue that appears to have been around for at least 6 months now. I’m now seriously doubting if I want to invest time into developing and supporting cabbage. It’s just a very sloppy introduction - just because something is open source doesn’t mean it has to be sloppy and broken.

Hi Rob, this issue is related to those running Cabbage on Linux. It has nothing to do with OSX. The latest master release for OSX has been around since June and you’re the first person who has reported an issue with it. We’re using it on all of our OSX machines without any issues, and I know of several other institutes running it too. None have reported an issue.

So, this is not a 6 month old issue. This is the first time someone has reported this issue on OSX. And as I always, I’ll take a look and see what I can see. I don’t have 10.12, and fear there might be an issue with that update. I am one person, with 0 resources, a full time job, and a family, yet I choose to spend every other minute of every day working on this system. Your post kind of shits all over the efforts I make, but hey, everyone is entitled to vent from time to time. I won’t hold it against you. Now if you wish to sponsor me a new mac so that I can ensure that I’m running the most up to date OS I’d be more than happy to send you my address :wink:

After updating my OSX machine I can confirm that this issue is unique to 10.12. To resolve it, open the source editor, go to ‘change font’ and double click any of the fonts listed. It seems that 10.12 doesn’t ship with either the default font, or the fall-back font. I’ll update the source when I get a chance so that it uses another default font. I quickly ran through a few synths and effects and they all seem to work just fine. But let me know if you have any issues.

Hey there, thank you so much for the additional info. I apologise if I offended, re-reading I may have been harsh and it really was not intended at all. I was trying to say that I am eager to contribute to a worthy project, and this one I had high hopes for as it seems excellent and exactly what I’ve been looking for, but encountered a series of disappointing bugs, and other users may feel precluded from contributing if they can’t get the most basic features running - I definitely would be willing to put in the time to document the bugs I found and UI quirks and even help with pull requests, if the project cares about the platform. (perhaps this would be a decent place to start poking around, with this font issue?)

Thank you for taking the time to reply but also for building this project, I can see that it is really incredible.

I wanted to add, for other users experiencing this issue, it actually appears to be a font rendering issue for custom font scaling where, if the font doesn’t include hinting information for the exact size you’re trying to scale to, it won’t show. For example, the default fonts seem to be broken for 12pt and 13pt but will work at 14pt. Long story short, sometimes you have to go to ‘scale up’ (or down) more than once to show the text. That was where I was running into problems, I’d try something and then scale just once up and then down again, or vice versa, and it took me scaling twice to show the font.

I just wanted to add to your message - both of those fonts are installed on my system. I checked that multiple times and even ran some font diagnostics to make sure they were working properly. So, adding them to the project won’t solve the problem. I believe it’s a scaling issue with your font library.

Good spot. I hadn’t noticed that. So I can potentially just set the default font size to something that can be rendered, although that doesn’t seem like a long term solution. Updating to 10.12 killed Xcode for me. Once I have everything set up again I can take a look in more detail. The current dev branch is using a slightly older version of the JUCE library, so this issue may be resolved by updating. But as it happens I’ve already started a complete rewrite of Cabbage using the very latest version of JUCE. It needed to be done as the old code-base is rather ugly and difficult to maintain. I expect to have the new version out some time in early January.

[p.s.] all platforms are equal in terms of Cabbage development, but I depend on reports from users about Windows and OSX as I work mostly on Linux.

I’ve uploaded a new OSX beta here:

Note that my latest update to OS and Xcode means I can’t currently build for arch i386. So I think support for i386 may have to be discontinued until I find time to investigate the problems. The font issue should be addressed, although resizing will make it disappear. I know it’s not a long term solution, but it should at least prevent further ire from first time users :wink: I’m reluctant to dig too deep because all that code is currently being rewritten. But I will try to keep any eye out for the same issue in Cabbage v2.