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Noob 101 - trying to see my .vst in Reaper on OSX


I have just installed Cabbage. I have used Csound on & off for a few years (mainly for evolving additive & FFT experiments…), so given i am working with my sequencer a bit more at the moment, i figured i would try & utilise some Csound based plugins.

As a starting point i am simply trying to export one of the examples (the ‘rubbed resonator’) as a .vst & loading it in Reaper.

The directory path is defined, other ,vst in the path are detected.

the ‘rubbed resonator’ is not.

My initial concern is what is identified as a .vst (the result of my export) is in fact a folder, & it contains the content (including the .csd file) so i’m suspecting that maybe this is the issue? I tried renaming the "folder’ by removing the .vst extension & adding that path to my plugins path, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, that didn’t work …

However i’m sure i am not the only person who is using this on Mac OSX to create a few plugins, is there some part of the procedure that needs clarifying?

Might take me a while to get into creating some plugins, but initially just looking forward to trying to run a few of the examples as .vsts to increase my sound pallette. I am living away from home at the moment, & doing music on my fairly ‘lightweight’ 2009 13" Macbook, so largely just using free sounds & plugins … this would be a great way to get some new sounds & ultimately hopefully inject some of my own Csound ideas into a bigger picture.

Wonderful to see how this has developed over the last few years while i wasn’t paying attention.

kind regards


What you did should work. Can you try another example, perhaps you just got unlucky? We try to make sure each example runs with each new version, but some slip through the net due to changes made either to Cabbage, or Csound. Btw, everything is running fines when you simply load Cabbage outside a host?

Hi Rory.

I did try another as it happens … the ‘Bar Model’ … same issue

I note that the name of the .vst is appearing (whizzing by in a ‘flash’) when i rescan for .vst plugins in Reaper … however (according to the note on the GUI) that means that it 'isn’t appearing in the list due to some sort of ‘crash’ / incompatibility being detected …

I am using an old version of Reaper … 4.6 …

Can definitely confirm Cabbage installed & ran out the box & the Studio app & the main Cabbage app load & generate sound … very easy! Was all running sweetly & in in a jiffy …

Of course being on the Mac i can route MIDI direct to csound anyway, but hey, it would be nice to be able to automate using the DAW Automation lanes (assuming that’s one of the upshots of all this …)

Of all the hosts I’ve used, Reaper is the one that has produced the least amount of issues. Are you sure that you are browsing the entire lists of VSTi plugins, and not just just VST? I doubt it is the version of Reaper that you are using. Btw, what version of Cabbage are you using? If not the latest, can you try the latest available from here:

Thanks Rory, but no luck after upgrading Cabbage either … so, i guess the problem is at the Reaper end …

I wonder if you could try downloading the latest version of Reaper just to see if it works there? What versoin of OSX are you using?

Hi Rory

I am still with Yosemite 10.10.1 …

I read at the time there was some sort of audio issue with further OS upgrades, so I just held off … I am basically a mac novice, so ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ is my rationalle … I won’t bore you with a longer story …

The reaper thing may have to wait unfortunately …

On the upside, this has forced me to pull apart the Rubbed Resonators instrument & take a look.

Wow! Not only is this a great implementation of the Mode opcode (which i have long looked at & wondered what to do with) the iterative use of opcodes to create the necessary number of voices to generate the tone is a big eye opener for me too, & i think i might just have to pull this apart & get to grips with it at the first port of call, & i think just drive it in csound QT using the IAC MIDI drivers … not the optimum solution, but considering back in XP world i had no MIDI / csound interfacing at all, it’s still going to seem like a whole new world now that i am thinking of moving beyond simply generating evolving textures & looking to do something a bit more ‘conventional’ using csound for my sample playback & synthesis.

Using QT for a few basic interface elements is probably all i need, & based on what i have seen, it will probably be reasonably straight-forward to bolt a Cabbage UI onto a QT designed instrument anyway, as both are using using the chnget / chnset opcodes as the connection with the GUI elements? (I do read my MIDI data in directly though using midiin opcode, rather than the massign which i set to 0,0 …)

Of course, on the flipside, i do want to get on with the long overdue task of making some music, so I don’t want to get TOO distracted at the moment.

Anyway, baby steps, at least i have taken the leap into exposing myself to the basics of this, & when i return to Australia later in 2017 I will probably be looking at setting up a new lightweight studio & environment, & will do all the necessary upgrades etc on a new machine then … (i am living out of a suitcase effectively at the moment, hence my strong reluctance to start tinkering too heavily with my machine at present …)

Lucky for you then that many of Iain’s instruments are also available through CsoundQT. Yeah it shouldn’t be an issue to move from one to the other. That’s the nice thing about the channel bus system. It makes everything quite generic and makes embedding Csound into other applications quite simple. I take it the suitcase you’re living out of is not a Doepfer modular suitcase! That would be impressive :wink:

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