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Building Cabbage in Windows [Request for help]

Hello everyone, especially dear Rory. I encountered a series of problems to build Cabbage in Windows. I used Visual Studio 2022 (build tool) for the build (using Python build script) and this is its output.

And after this output, I went to the installers section in the build file and there I came across the ISS script. According to [Read ME] note on GitHub. I think the build result have to be an .exe file and I assumed that the build was not done.

Thank you very much for your interest and I appreciate your help. Have nice time

Hi @gfaerny. There is a whole load of the toolchain you are missing, including cmake. You’ll need more than VS Studio. You know that every commit triggers a dev snapshot build, so unless you really have to, there is no need to build yourself. You can find them here.

Hi rory I need to build it to improve. You know that in cabbage we can’t change vendor name and I think this problem is due to cmake build text.

I want to modify the Cmake code. I made a CLI as a test using C++ so that those who have this problem can choose the vendor name they need by running the code and then build the cabbage.
So I have to build it on my PC.

@rorywalsh did you see case (in this forum) that want to build cabbage on win???


this is my cmake


this is my juce version in win

Output from cabbage build in windows.txt (24.7 KB)