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That’s Ok. No problems. I’m always happy when things resolve themselves. I’ll look into the CabbageLite loading problem at startup. I did change something there. Must have screwed things up. Are the new icons not showing for you in the newest Cabbage? Darn it. I had to package it myself, I may have messed it up somehow. Friday evening blues.

If you mean the system wide icon for the app, it is indeed missing on the main cabbage app, but cabbage lite appears normal. Once launched, everything in the app seems about as I’d expect.

That’s odd, thanks for the report. I’ll look into this week, an the Cabbage Lite issues too.

Always glad to help if I can. I really like the new flat look for both buttons and (if I’m not mistaken) rsliders, and will play with those a little more today… but I’ll probably be stepping back to the last version since this issue with c-lite really slows down my work flow.

Please do let me know if/when there’s a new lite build, I’ll be glad to test it out and make sure it looks good.

Hi @t_grey, I’m just wondering if you’ve used the export command line option for CabbageLite at all? Calling the following brings up a save dialog:

CabbageLite --export-VSTi nameOfCsdFile.csd

I would expect it to simply create a plugin call nameOfCsdFile.vst. I would like to update it but I will look for a work around if it breaks your usage.

I haven’t exported anything in a really long time… and definitely not from the CLI. I don’t think I even know that was an option!

My DAW machine died a while back, so I’ve just been writing code with the hope of one day needing it again.
I’ll see if I can drop reaper on here and give it some testing tonight.

No stress. I don’t think many people knew about that option. It just seemed odd, but I can also see how it might be useful if using 3rd party editors as you do.

For sure! This is a good trick, I’ll see if I can add it as a build target in Sublime to make things even easier for me.

That said, it does not appear to be working either at the moment. It does appear to get further in the loading process with the requested file than normal c-lite loading from the CLI… I can see macros and ftables loading in the background of the console, but it seems to stop short of actually exporting, with the error message:

/Users/tgrey/bin/CabbageLite/Contents/CabbagePluginSynth.vst cannot be found? It should be in the Cabbage root folder

I guessed that this has to do with me using symlink in my ~/bin dir that leads to the installed app:
$ ls -al which CabbageLite
lrwxr-xr-x 1 tgrey staff 56 Jan 20 2018 /Users/tgrey/bin/CabbageLite -> /Applications/

So I tried running it with a direct call to the installed app, and received a new message:
The plugin ID identifier in /Users/tgrey/csound/cabbage/examples/Effects/Modulation/Flanger.csd is empty, or the plugin identifier string contains a typo. Certain hosts may not recognise your plugin. Please use a unique ID for each plugin.

It does create a .vst file in the directory, but it’s timestamped 12.27.2017 and is only 96B in size. I didn’t try loading it into reaper, but I wouldn’t have very high hopes that it would work.

Sorry it took so long, hopefully that’s helpful!

I had forgotten that .vst files are directories in OSX, so I re-installed reaper and gave it a check. It looks like it is working when calling the app directly, regardless of the error.

Not sure why the difference when using a symlink tho, that still fails to generate a file(dir).

Btw are you using the latest beta, or the latest official release? You can grab latest dev builds for OSX at the lines provided here. I fixed the colour issue and loading CabbageLite with a file from the command line. Still needs testing.

I was using the official release version from 3.22.19.

I haven’t seen or used this new build system yet, so I don’t know quite where to go with it yet… I’ll take a look.

Ok, if I understand this correctly… I grabbed from: #20190328.1

Launching CabbageLite with a filename still does not appear to be working. The button outline color does appear to be fixed.

Weird. It works fine for me when I run it in the debugger, but not in a release build. Sorry about that. I’ll try to get it sorted.

This issue just got weirder. I grabbed the freshest build, and thought this bug was still present… but it seems like it’s only happening when I have sublime attempting to “build” with cabbagelite. If I manually call it from a CLI, it appears to be fixed.

This is new, previously it didn’t work either way. Something must be screwy on my end, so I’ll keep poking around at it.

AHA! I think I’ve got this figured out!

It looks like CabbageLite fails to open a file argument form the CLI if it’s wrapped in single or double quotes.

I can fix that so it works with or without quotes.

Great, because what I thought would remove them from the build system config didn’t seem to work… I think I’m stuck with them :wink:

Confirmed that this is fixed in todays first build, thanks! This was a huge stumbling block to my regular flow!

I’ve added a fresh release to take into account fixes for the issues discussed here :wink:

Installed fresh from the release, so far everything is still looking great.

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