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Custom GUI dont work when vst is loaded in Daw

I create a plugin in mac osx with a custom graphical interface using svg files, but have the problem that when vst is loaded in the daw show default interface of cabbage and not the custom. I try copying the svg files into the .vst folder togheter with the csd file but does not work. any help?

I’ll have to take a look at this, I’ve never actually tried this on OSX. Two things to try before then.

  1. Put the files into the MacOS folder alongside the CabbagePlugin file within the .vst bundle.
  2. If that doesn’t work place the files into the Contents folder within the .vst bundle.

I’m sure the problem is Cabbage is not finding the files. I’m in the process of simplifying the bundling of files but it’s not quite ready just yet.

HI Rory, thanks for the quick feedback

I tried both options but did not work. I have also tried different locations in the svgpath ( “.”) but does not work; it seems that the VST plugin does not recognize the SVG files.

I’ll take a look at this today and let you know.

Can you try the latest OSX package available here

Note that to quickly inlcude all the .svg files you need into the bundle when you export as a .vst, you can use the new <CabbageIncludes> tags. They should appear outside of any other tags and can be used to tell Cabbage which files to include. For example


Note that each of the files should be in the same directory as the .csd file for this mechanism to work. Alternatively you can simply drag and drop the files into the Contents folder.

Hi Rory

I was following your recommendations but fails to work. placing the full path where it is installed the plugin works but is not an optimal solution. Also, sometimes it causes crash the DAW.

Can you try the latest? I just uploaded a new version that seems to do the trick!

Hey Rory, I’m on Cabbage 1.1, July 2016’s release, and I’m facing the same problems. Could you share the latest beta of Cabbage 1 for OSX? The link posted above is now pointed to Cabbage 2, and the downloads seem to be taken down as well. Thanks!

Balls. This is new from dropbox. Public folders are not longer supported. I’ll need to look into this. Thanks for the report. I’m not sure how long they have been down for!