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Back to cabbage afer quite some time.. and issues

Dear All, and Rory,

I am trying to install the new version of Cabbage :

  • After install : on Windows I get error with “Entry point” if I click on the icon… Nonetheless, I can still start cabbage64 by hand.
  • Trying to load my old synth ( which were posted on the forum : the interface is totally messed up…) This is very sad. I suppose that the code should be revisited in order to comply with new syntax ?
    Why is backward compatibility not kept over versions… I suspect this is related to JUCE… Once again !
    -On Linux : … sorry … but what a mess with JUCE ! JUCE 6 does not work, JUCE 5 : Which subversion should I use ? The last one is not working, I cannot compile cabbage. Please Rory, could you when publishing a new version of Cabbage state which version of JUCE should be used ?

In short, it is very sad the Cabbage being such a great and promising environment is totally diminished because of this JUCE thing.
Could you get rid of it ? ( and let’s keep the juce to oranges !)

The aim of this post is not to create a troll but to draw your attention to issues that might be fully discouraging ( and frustrating) for new comers to Cabbage and Csound.

All the best

Hi @Karamel1, good to have you back! I wasn’t aware of any issues with the latest Linux build. The last git push built fine from what I can see?

I just updated the CI build script, which should contain all the steps you need in order to build for Linux. Can you try a build, based on that?

Finally, what version are you trying? Would you mind trying on of the beta builds? The very latest build will be here once it’s done.

I don’t think we can blame JUCE for this one! I do try to keep backwards compatibility, and most of the instruments Iain wrote for Cabbage still work out of the box today. Every now and then a decision is made by the people here about how best to deal with an issue. On some occasions it might lead to an issue, but your old plugin binaries will still work fine.

It’s not something I can see myself doing. If I was to start the project again from scratch I would give serious consideration to other frameworks, but alas, I’ve spent too much time with JUCE to turn my back on it now.

Don’t worry, we know you’re not the troll type! As always, I’m happy to help you sort any of these issues.

Caveat, my use case is pretty unique and I use a lot of macros… it’s possible these bugs only affect me, and might not actually apply to everyone. That’s why I didn’t submit them as proper bugs yet, I didn’t get around to testing more stripped down examples. It’s also possible Rory has fixed some of these since I first noticed them.

Anyways, here’s what I’d stumbled into so far:

numberbox widgets changed names to nslider, without renaming your numberboxes you’ll have empty channels that might create problems. this was done to keep it in line with rslider, hslider, and vslider.

a “.” between widget sections used to be ignored, but now it terminates the line for the widget. this is confusing, and i did a horrible job explaining it, so here’s an example:
nslider bounds(), range(). channel()
The “channel()” would be lost because it follows a period. Change it to:
nslider bounds(), range(), channel()

If you have an image or groupbox that doesn’t contain any widgets, don’t have the open and close curly braces. My old instruments might have something like:
groupbox bounds() colour() { }
Which creates problems now. Change it to:
groupbox bounds() colour()

If you’re using macros, having it right up against a comma creates a problem. For example:
nslider bounds(), channel(),$COLOR
needs to become:
nslider bounds(), channel(), $COLOR

Outside of that, I can’t think of anything big I needed to do to get most of my old examples up and running, that said they weren’t too fancy so ymmv. If you want to post some examples here, or even send them to me off list, I don’t mind taking a crack at it. As you can see, I’ve done a little bit of this recently already :wink:

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Oh, I almost forgot to mention! Popup plants are no longer supported too.

I’ve transitioned mine into groupboxes that are on an “upper layer” (further down in the cabbage section) with visible(0). In essence this makes them “pop-over” in the same windows when made visible.

The only downside to this approach is your popover is limited to the main form’s size constraints… but it works for most of my needs.

Hi @Karamel1, I tested some of the synths you have on your github page, as well as some you posted here, and they all seem to work fine. The GUIs look good to me too? I even checked the knobman PM synth and it seemed to load fine. They all produce very pleasing sounds, as expected.

I’m anxious to know if the latest beta versions work any better for you. It would be great to have you backing creating instruments, the one you shared in the past were really great.