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Hello everyone, Bellforge is a 24 resonant filter classic modal synthesis engine for creating bell-like sounds. It is a bit on the processing intensive side, but I just finished writing a piece with primarily this plugin and I think is sounds pretty good. (13.4 KB)

Weld custom bells using classic modal synthesis

With complete control of volume, panning, and resonance, users can create unique bells of up to 24 resonant filters. You can use an impulse, bow, or an input to excite the partials of your bell in a dynamic way.

Craft immersive sound sculptures

Bellforge has both a standard stereo io but also has a 24 channel mode so that users can control the specialization of every partial with their favorite specialization plugin. Input sounds can also be set to multichannel to allow for excitation that mix with specific partials.

Very nice. I’m also pleased to see that imported xml plants works in plugins! Would you believe I have never tried that :laughing:

I just created a simple track in Reaper with a single MIDI note playing over and over. I had a lot of fun with the randomise features. It’s a really quick way of finding some very nice sounds.