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[beta] Analog nomad & 4track

Hi, I would like you to introduce my new synth called Analog nomad. This one has presets. :smile_cat:

It’s inspired by Roland Junos, Korg MS-20, Lokomotiv (VST by Archetype instruments) and my own Traveller. It’s designed to be both simple to understand and flexible to use.


Controls are:

  • offset (that +0 combobox) to transpose your input
  • attack and decay to control envelope
  • hold to switch on/off sustain
  • mono to switch info fake monophony mode (same as my Traveller uses)
  • pulse, saw, sub and noise to mix sound in Juno-escque way
  • width to set pulse width of pulse and sub waves
  • angle to set saw shape (from saw at strart through triangle at 50% to reverse saw at end)
  • det is detune control - when set to anything other than 0 it makes two saw out of one and the second one is detuned by specified amount of cents (actually made this to be able to have that Blade Runner sound)
  • quack which enables filter following the envelope
  • filter resonance control (next to quack)
  • filter cutoff - that large slider on the bottom
  • and finally volume knob which can cause clipping when it’s set to max

You can download source code and presets for it.

I plan to fix some glitches (e.g. reverting to INIT preset when it looses focus) and to add more presets.

Another one which I would like to introduce is my four-track recorder 4track:


It was inspired by TASCAM Portastudio and it’s designed to fit as last part of my chain in Element VST host. I am actually using it to record and mix my improvisations and it works well for that.

Code is here and description of usage in other thread.

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Very nice. Keep putting tools like this together and you’ll eventually create an entirely new musical frontend :wink:

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Thanks for sharing this! Nomad is like a nice “big brother” to Traveller, I really like some of the sounds I can get so easily out of it!

One quick suggestion… it’s not currently velocity sensitive. Maybe you didn’t want it to be, and if so that’s perfectly fine… but it can be easily added by using p5 instead of 1 in the existing main envelopes if you want, like so:

    if isustain == 1 then
        kEnv madsr iattack, 0.0001, p5, idecay
        kEnv linsegr 0, iattack, p5, idecay, 0, iattack+idecay, 0

Thanks again, keep up the great work!

Please, share these with me as I am planning to ship Nomad with library of presets.

I have only cheap MIDI controller which has very poor velocity sensitivity. Currently I have no way to test it, so feel free to hack it on your side.

You can test the velocity with the built in keyboard widget. If you press the keys close to the top they will have a low velocity, and near the bottom as a higher velocity. I already added it and tested on my end using that snippet, it works great!