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Beta build with no OSX binaries?

Hey Rory, I downloaded the most recent beta build to test the new button popuptext, and there were no binaries in Contents/MacOSX for either Cabbage or CabbageLite even tho it appears to have built successfully.

I tried re-downloading, and got the same file (according to md5). I also tried installing a second time and saw no errors, warning, etc during installation.

Not sure what might cause this, but figured I’d let you know in case anything might be wrong on the build/config side.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

[edit] the fact the build only took 4 minutes seems to indicate something went wrong…

Yeah, a silly mistake which has now been fixed. Odd, and kind of worrying that that the build reported to have worked… new one should be cooked in a half hour or so.

Ok, confirmed the new build has binaries, and popup text appears to be working. I really do love this new automated build system! :slight_smile:

Cabbage is creating a popup for all buttons now, even ones that don’t have a string set for the popuptext.
Most other widget types default to the channel name and value if no text is set… but I don’t think that makes much sense here, plus it changes gui behavior in a pretty significant way for existing instruments/effects.

I think it would make sense for buttons with no popuptext set to not have any popup. What do you think?

Going further down the rabbit hole… I’m guessing popup prefix and postfix don’t make a lot of sense to implement here either.

Thanks, I’ll fix that. I had post and pre implemented but then thought they make little sense and only obfuscate things. So I pulled them.

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I’m not sure how the two features interact, but I’m also seeing radiogroup issues again. It doesn’t seem to be functioning, even on non-imported widgets.

I agree on removing pre/postfix text for buttons… but wasn’t sure if there’s a reason it makes sense I just hadn’t thought of yet so thought I’d mention it.

And (hopefully) last suggestion on the topic: Should/could button popuptext offer two states like the button text, so ON|OFF popups could be different? I already have a case where it could be useful, but I don’t see it as absolutely necessary.

Shoot, I can confirm that the radioid issue is back. Not sure what’s going on there but I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to fix it. Might be that an old source file got pushed to git by accident. Those popup displays should be working with the latest build I just push…

Thanks, and confirmed. Button popuptext works as expected, and buttons without it defined don’t have a popup so it won’t “break” anyone’s existing instruments.

Other than the radiogroup issue and the idea of ON|OFF popup text (if it’s not a hedache), this looks pretty good. I already added a bunch of button popuptexts to some instruments, and I really like the functionality. It keeps buttons compact, but still informative!

I see the issue now. I had to change things around in the button class to accommodate the popup bubbles. Seems to have had the nasty side affect of breaking the radio ids. I’ll try to get it fixed shortly.

[edit] ok, an issue here is that the radio id method in JUCE only works when the buttons are all part of the same parent, which is not the case since the popup bubbles were added. I’m searching for a solution. I’m laughing at your capacity for suggesting such “simple” features! :joy:

Trust me, I feel your pain… you should see my ridiculous cabbage code! :blush:

One more “last thought” (do they ever end?) on the subject of popuptexts… what do you think of a global “timer” setting… currently popups show immediately, but it might be nice to be able to set all popups to not show up until you’ve hovered over a widget for, say .25 sec or so.

I’m imagining this being a global setting, perhaps set in the form similar to the gui refresh value.

I can add that. I already have a timer closing them, so should be able to add one for opening too. The new build should be Ok now for the radio groups thing.

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Tested and confirmed, button popuptext() and radiogroup() are working together again!

Oh, cool! Is that a user adjustable setting? I didn’t see it mentioned in the form docs, or is it set elsewhere?

Not user adjustable yet, but watch this space. But don’t watch too hard, because it’s 5 o’clock on Friday evening and I’m about to shutdown my operating system and enter hibernation mode for a bit!

Awesome, we all need to top off those batteries and defrag the hard disks at some point!

I’m seeing a new issue with buttons activating on mouse over, without any clicks. They are in a radiogroup and set to latched(0). They are in an imported widget group, and do not have popuptexts set (not sure if either matters).

I’ll be testing a little more to see about import/popuptext, and maybe see if I can figure out when this creeped in but checking a few older version, but like you I’ll be running a system reboot here too :wink: