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Beta-Testers wanted: Ultra-Sonic Sampler

Hi all,

I hope everyone is keeping well. My name is Mark and I am currently in the finishing stages of a sampler I am building using cabbage for a college project. I am looking for some people to beta-test the sampler and provide some feedback.

To give some context, I have built a sampler that has a sample bank comprised of samples containing purely ultra-sonic content. These samples have been recorded with a specialised microphone and have been pitched down to the human hearing range using the audio software Audacity.

It is a concept that is scarcely explored by plug-in makers so I decided to create my own take on the concept.

The zip file link I have attached contains 2 things:

  • A user guide for the synth
  • A folder with the .csd file and all the assets

You can test the plug-in in cabbage.

I would really appreciate it if you could play around with the sampler and then hit the ‘Leave Feedback’ button that sends you to a survey and fill it out. The survey will take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

I really appreciate everyone that can take the time to look at this sampler and feel free to use it for your creations!

Kind regards,

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Hi Mark. I was about to fill out the form, but I don’t have permission? It says “You don’t have permission to view or respond to this form”. Let me know when this is resolved and I’ll do the survey. Congrats on the synth, it’s great. I wonder if it would be easier to have some default samples load. And if it’s designed to be used with the content that it ships with, I also wonder if some kind of sample selector would be more intuitive than having to drag samples? That way everything is served directly from the sampler. Just an idea. :slight_smile:

Now that should be up and running now (It was a permission issue I apologise), thank you so much for taking the time to look a time to at it.
I will definitely take those ideas into consideration, definitely things I wouldn’t have thought of previously.

Cheers again,

Hey, do you still need tests for this?
If so, I’d love to help :'D