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Bidule P64 version and Cabbage

So I was testing out some plugins made in Cabbage in the P64 version (which I believe uses 64bit throughout, not absolutely sure, but it’s different from the standard version) and it seems that only the init phase is run and thereafter the control rate doesn’t seem to kick in. No audio is generated either.

I first noticed this when trying to load an audio file into one of the FilePlayer plugins and nothing happened. After adding a csoundoutput and I can confirm this as that printks doesn’t log anything.

Could this be the Csound lib is not compatible with the 64 bit processing? (I’m on 6.14)

Smiles and sunshine in standard Bidule though.

Csound and Cabbage are 64bit, so I doubt that’s the problem. What is the P64 version? Is it a free download? You’re on OSX right?

It is indeed, yep Apple boy here from

two version in the install

I’d completely forgotten that I’d made a post in the bidule forum about a similar issue in a different plugin.

But this didn’t seem to have any effect on Cabbage made plugins. Does anything in that post ring any bells? Feel free to ignore me if you want an easier life :smiley:

Awh, hang on, this is about processing of samples using doubles rather than floats? I can certainly add that to Cabbage. I just need to override once of the AudioProcessor methods. Leave it with me. It will be next week before I can add it. :+1:

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Sounds good! to add this only affects VSTs doesn’t it. AU (which I tend to avoid these days) doesn’t appear to be affected

Hey did you have much success with this @rorywalsh? cheers

It was a manic week. Sorry, I’ll try to get to it soon!

64bit double processing is now a thing :wink: Just tested on Windows with Reaper and it chooses the double precision processing function by default. It’s all down to the host, the plugin can’t force the host’s hand in this regard. I couldn’t try with Bidule as I don’t have a license, but I assume it will work. You can get the latest beta here to test. Let me know.

hey sorry I’ve only just got around to trying this out. Seem to be having issues with the builds opening


the app packages seem a little on the small side - as far as I can remember they were like 200 odd MB

You’re right, that’s not right. Let me take a look…

The Window build seems broken, but my download shows the OSX installer is 80MBs compressed. I won’t be at my mac until morning, but I’ll check there. In the meantime I just triggered a new build now. You can try it here when it’s done.

[edit] the MacOS artifact is complete now if you want to try…

mm still the same I’m afraid, might I have buggered something my end? no bother, it can wait :slight_smile:
cheers man

I’m at my mac now and I see the same issue. Leave it with me, not sure what’s going on…

[edit] looks like the latest version of JUCE introduced some changes that is messing up the CI build. I hope to have it sorted soon.

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I think this should be Ok now. I won’t be able to test on OSX till later, but the build logs don’t report any errors. Note that this beta includes a rework of the processBlock method in general. On top of the support for double precision, it also contains some early support for side-chaining. As a result things might be a little wonky. Give it a whirl and let me know.

Installs fine now -great. Only I think the double precision might have broken backwards compatibility with other apps that aren’t quite up to speed with the full fat 64bit processing yet…could that be the case? Also the newly generated Cabbage plugins don’t seem to validate for me :confused:


Thanks for checking.

I don’t think so. The float precision method should be chosen by any apps that don’t support the double precision. Can you confirm that it’s your AUs that are not validating? Sorry about the teething pains here, but I was anxious to merge the experimental channel branch back to the dev branch as they were starting to diverge quite a lot…

it’s the (reexported) VSTs that aren’t validating…or do you want me to to confirm that reexported AUs are validating?

i hear ya!

I can’t recreate the issue here? My VSTs are loading fine. So too are my AUs. Can you try this one?