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Bold font only works on labels

I’m trying to use courier new bold, and it’s only correctly rendering the font in label widgets, on everything else it just does the default font but bold. I’m running version 2.9.218, had the same issue on the stable release before though. I tried a few other courier bold type fonts from different sources and different courier variants so it’s got something to do with the boldness. With regular it works fine like you would expect.

Hi @henlo_birb, welcome to the forum. Can you share the font file with me so I can test it here? (619.9 KB)

heres 3 different ones

With the latest version:

Can you send me your .csd file? You can send it via PM if you don’t want to share it publically.

breakchop.csd (9.2 KB)

plz dont judge my bad code ;-;

although I doubt it’s an issue with my code, it might be a platform specific thing? I’m running hyprland on fedora

Looks like a system issue as it works here on my Mac. I will test on Linux next week when I get back to my Linux machine.

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I just checked I have the same issue in Gnome on both wayland and xorg, so it’s not a hyprland specific issue at least.

any updates?

i did some experimenting, if I use a regular width font, it shows up on all the buttons but won’t show on the label unless i set the font style to plain (which makes sense since bold is the default). There’s no option to set the font style on anything else though, so I can’t check if that would fix it for the buttons and knobs and stuff. I’m guessing that on linux, JUCE (or whatever JUCE is using to load/render fonts) gets mad if the requested font style doesn’t match the font’s metadata.

at the very least I can open up the font in FontForge and edit the metadata so it says it’s regular weight

I’m in the middle of an extremely busy period of exam corrections and assessments, hence the delay in getting back to you. Your appraisal of the problems appears to be correct, although I’m not sure exactly why this is :thinking: I’m glad you found a workaround until I can find time to look into it.

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