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Bounding Boxes

I’ve created a library of opcodes that allows the creation and manipulation of bounding boxes which can be used to calculate the boxes we would need to create a graphical interface.

While I will only be talking about 2 or three of these functions in this tutorial, there are currently only 7 opcodes in total that are part of the public interface, so that should make it very simple to learn.

Here are the files for the tutorial. (12.1 KB)

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Nice mjmogo, keep it up and good luck.

Thank you, Harry. It has been a number of months since I did these videos, and while I’m still using the bounding box library for my own work, I’ve not really tried to get others to try it.

While I understand my api, it would nice to see if others can make sense of it. I keep putting off documenting things because I don’t have the main API finalized, but if you’re interested in trying it out, I can spend some time documenting the public functions.

Let me know. I’ve also converted a couple of existing programs to using the bounding box library, I can forward those to you as well