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Breaking change (kind of) - saving sessions

It has come to my attention (thanks @Kzz) that the recent clean up of session saving and presets has resulted in a slight issue with previously saved sessions. So if you exported a plugin and have been using it in saved DAW sessions, but then decide to overwrite the plugin with an update, the DAW will no longer correctly load the last saved state of the plugin.

If you need to prepare an update of a plugin the best thing to do would be to call it version 2 and have users place it beside the older version. Otherwise explain that they will need to re-save all their plugins parameter data when it loads in the session.

Apologies for any headaches caused, but I’m reluctant to roll back the clock on this change as the code is far more robust now, and will be much easier to maintain for the future.

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Thanks for pointing this out, it’s actually something very important to know
As a producer it would be a nightmare if I opened one of my old projects with ToneZ and see everything went back to INIT :confused:

So, now I have no doubt that ToneZ v2 will be a completely new plugin !

That what I was hoping :rofl I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can achieve with the latest Cabbage brew!

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Let’s say you update and you name the plugin “Great Plugin 1.1”. Any way to use that old .snaps file so that the user keeps his/her own presets?

In case I wasn’t clear, this is only if you are moving from the old preset system to a new one. With new plugins this doesn’t matter, and future presets should work fine with future versions of the instrument.

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